Welcome to OCG.

Just what is Operations Consulting Group, Inc and how does it differ from other financial consulting firms?

At OCG, banks, savings & loans, credit unions, mortgage companies and government agencies are afforded the professional services that is required for today's market. Our experienced staff works exhaustively to assure superior quality and customer satisfaction, whether you are seeking operational feasibility studies, technical support, facilitating mergers, acquisitions, offshore solutions, conversions, De Novo startups, or simply implementing policy guidelines.

As an International management consulting firm, OCG boasts over thirty five years of expertise unparalleled in fulfilling the complex needs of the banking profession. At OCG, we take pride in our personalized approached where we offer first rate service, competitive prices and sincere dedication to the needs of our clients.

OCG has maintained a proven track record of delivering bottom line results to many of the nation's leading blue chip financial institutions and government agencies.